Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daydreaming...at work

Today is quiet at work. The calm before the storm, the storm being when all the models start arriving. Miraculously I was able to procure a day off during our upcoming busy time, so I've been very busy today daydreaming about it. It being the Key West motorcycle adventure I get to partake in with Kevin and his best bud Ryan in December. I'm not really a rough and tumble kind of girl- a Harley bad ass I am not. I'm more likely to be seen hovering over a plate of cupcakes then hovering over the clutch of a hog. Is that even proper motorcycle terminology?
This trip will totally make up for being run out of the island a few weeks ago from the hurricane. Now here's the big question - where does your luggage go on the motorcycle? I can't very well attach a little red wagon to the back? Could I possibly have to fit everything I need for 2 days into one itty bitty back pack? Anyone know about how many pairs of shoes you can fit into a jansport? hmmm...

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Alison said...

Get a sidecar. How awesome would that be and maybe you could bring Charlie along too!